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Pronunciation Tips
 The words in the box below can all be found in the main text of this Unit. Listen to those words
paying close attention to the vowel sound in each one.









 Now use your notebook to write down the word that rhymes with each of those words in bold
Listen again to check your answers and compare them with those of a classmate’s.
a)  lead rhymes with 
b)  death rhymes with 
c)  blood rhymes with 
d)  deed rhymes with 
e)  devil rhymes with 
f)  fault rhymes with 
g)  deaf rhymes with 
h)  lives rhymes with 
i)  bury rhymes with 
j)  muscle rhymes with 
a)  What is the campaign about? 
b)  Why do you think the color red was used in the poster?
c)  What information about blood donation is offered in the poster? Were you 
aware of that?
d)  Why do you think that information is given in the poster? 
e)  Campaigns usually make use of strong statements in order to draw people’s 
attention to a certain issue. Which statement do you think makes a real impact 
in that campaign? Why?
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