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Check Your English 1
English in the Job Market
Read the infographic and the text below and discuss the following questions.
The Importance of English in the Job Market
6 Out of 10 People Learning English Are Currently Working
A recent survey conducted by ABA (American and British Academy) among three million learners of English 
from different nationalities reveals that the key reason to learn the language is job-related:

 56% of learners have a job; 17% are looking for work; 27% are studying.

 54% state they study English for professional reasons: new job or promotion.

 Half of all learners are still at a Beginners level.

 24% admit having been rejected in job interviews due to poor English.
Available at: . Accessed on: March 28, 2016.
a)  Can English help people get a job? Explain.
b)  Do you think English will help you in your future? Justify. 

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