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St. Catherine of Sienna/Rectory Office

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St. Catherine of Sienna/Rectory Office

19 King St., Hillside, NJ 07205

Phone: 908-351-1515 • Fax: 908-351-2139

Religious Education: 908-355-4197

Parish E-Mail:

Web Page:





The scriptures of Israel are filled with many stories of barren 

couples who were miraculously granted the gift of children by 

God. Surely the best known among these is the first reading from 

today, from which Luke took inspiration when he recounted the 

miraculous birth of John the Baptist to Zechariah and Elizabeth, 

and the more miraculous birth of Jesus to Mary and Joseph. In each 

instance, we are given examples or role models of those who 

trusted in God. More than examples of those who trust, they are 

models of self-surrender. They abandoned their own 

presuppositions and prejudices about the workings of the world 

and turned their lives over to belief in a God who can make life 

grow where none ought to; a God who can turn death around into 

a new and unimagined life; a God who can, today, take a tiny child 

of humble parents in an insignificant town and make him into a 

light for all the world. This is what we, as God’s holy family, are 

called to do each day: to trust not in ourselves and the way we 

think things should be, but to open ourselves and surrender 

ourselves in faith to a God of endless promise. 

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