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The Sacrament of Marriage

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The Sacrament of Marriage:

Call to the office for arrangements.

The Sacrament of the Sick:

Any time upon request in the home of the 

sick. A Mass of Anointing takes place at 

Easter and Advent. Priests or Eucharistic 

Minister of the Parish will bring communion 

to parishioners confined to home. Please 

notify the Rectory.

The Sacrament of the Holy Orders:

Those men who recognize the call to Priest-

hood or the Order of Deacon are invited to 

contact the Pastor.

Newcomers/Parish Membership:

We welcome all new Parishioners and look 

forward to meeting you. We hope you will 

become involved in the Life of St. Catherine of 

Siena. Letters for godparents and sponsors are 

provided for registered Parishioners. We thank 

you for your stewardship of time and support 

of your Parish.

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