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Interplay XIX-2014
Page 6 
Education for Tomorrow 
Daniel Feldhendler 
I conducted a workshop to 
present and deepen the poten-
tialities of the Playback Thea-
tre approach for action-
research on the field of life 

Discovering Individual and Collective History between Self and Society. 
Telling Life Stories as History Telling. 
Emergence of a Third Dimension. 
Life Stories and Histories as mirror of societies (micro-macrocosm).
Oral History, “Biographicity”, a path to Historicity and Collective Memory.
To develop a Culture of Remembrance, Collective and Multiple Intelligence.
Social Actor and Citizen Actor as Empowerment.
Building bridges of understanding through social and cross cultural Encounter.
To develop Diversity and Participation, Reciprocity and Reflexivity in Lifelong Learning Processes for Demo-
cratic Education.
Experiencing Learning and Reflexive Participatory Action-Research.
To promote transitive Dialog for an Active Democracy in a World of Globalization.
To share and care Values and Ethics of Mindfulness and Acceptance in a fragmented world. Radical social 
Encounter through mutual Acknowledgment as creative response to Alienation. 
Culture of Emergencies for a Social Ecology of Life (See J. Fox, Acts of Service, 1994). 
ESREA - Life History and Biography Network
The last Conference of ESREA Life History and Biography Network took place at University of Magdeburg, Germa-
ny (March 2014) entitled Before, Beside and After (Beyond) the Biographical Narrative with focus on professional 
lives, family and identity, facing loss, narratives of creativity and art. My presentation Enacting Life as social media-
was part of new emergences in this field of action-research (See references). The ESREA Life History and 
Biography Network (European Society for Research on the Education of Adults) has provided the basis for diverse 
and influential publications, as well as for major collaborative research projects and many other forms of collabora-
tion. ESREA, according to its own online description “promotes and disseminates theoretical and empirical re-
search on the education of adults and adult learning in Europe through research networks, conferences and publi-
cations”. ESREA consists of 7 networks, with the Life History and Biographical Research Network being founded in 
1991 (
). ESREA is connected with many other international networks such as ASIHVIF, Inter-
national Association of Life History and Biography Network in French speaking areas (Association internationale 
des histoires de vie en formation et de recherche biographique en éducation
). Prominent co-founders and re-
searchers of ASIHVIF (
) founded 1991: Gaston Pineau (University of Tours, France), Pierre 
Dominicé (University of Geneva, Switzerland) and Guy de Villers (University of Louvain, Belgium). The first interna-
tional conference took place in 1986 at the University of Tours. Gaston Pineau also organised in 2007 the second 
world conference of French-speaking networks on Biography Research (with more than 420 participants and 116 
lectures on Biography Research). The third international Conference took place 2011 in Lille (France). As member 
of this French speaking Association, I introduced Playback Theatre since 1998 through lectures, workshops and 
publications for events and international Conferences of this network. 

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