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A series of meaningful questions were emerging

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Interplay XIX-2014
A series of meaningful questions were emerging: 
What kinds of connections are to establish between Playback Theatre and academic fields? 
What kinds of connections exist between Playback Theatre and biographical research? 
What are biographical and life history approaches? 
What could biographical research learn from the practice and theory of Playback Theatre? 
What could Playback Theatre learn from the practice and theory of biographical research? 
What kind of knowledge, research and practice do our societies need in a globalised world? 
2008, my lecture gave some answers, pointing out new fields and connections (See references Gathering Voices). 
2011 at the summer Academy at University of Coimbra (Portugal), was 
organized an intensive residential program entitled: Lives and history: a 
comprehensive course on biographies and society. 
The CES Research 
Group on Humanities, Migrations and Peace Studies had its inaugural 
Summer Course on Biographies and Society (See
). The purpose of this course was to offer a comprehen-
sive study of human experiences of the social world drawing from a com-
bined theoretical axis of analysis, an anthropological understanding of 
lives and history and an experiential approach. During this summer Acad-
emy, I conducted a workshop to present and deepen the potentialities of 
the Playback Theatre approach for action-research on the field of life his-
tories: Theatre for Social Change: Enacting Life – Encountering the Other.
Playback Theatre as an approach to personal stories contains the potentialities for a “theatre for social dialogue 
and social change” in a world in upheaval (See IPTN Conference 2011:
). For bridging 
different academic worlds, I proposed Key Words and interdisciplinary Red Threads as a way to connect Playback 
Theatre, Life History and biographical Research. 
Following Red Threads - Essentials: 
Oral Tradition, Story Telling, telling personal stories and personal experience.
Life History and Biography as Narrative.
Story Telling and Enactment as mediation though symbolic interaction.
Art as holistic Knowledge and as place of multiple mediation.
Identity building through narratives.
To develop Narrative Identity.
Dialectic of Narrativity and Inter-Subjectivity process.
To Discover One Self as An Other and see Oneself as Another.
Act of Self Reflection. 
To be Actor for others as a reflexive Act.
To be and become Actor and Protagonist as Subject of one’s own story/history.

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