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Thematic program of IDEA Conference

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Interplay XIX-2014
Thematic program of IDEA Conference
The very rich program had 5 main points of interests (more Information Online): 
Theme 1: Has Arts Education become a global issue?
Theme 2: How can Drama / Theatre and Education practices become transformative learning processes?
Theme 3: An embodied approach: establishing a dialogue between neuroscience and arts education
Theme 4: Languages in Drama / Theatre and Education: highlighting diversity or blending cultures?
Theme 5: Creating and writing for and with young audiences: place and recognition. 
The organizers presented the whole focus of Theme 2 on transformative learning processes with following state-
All around the world, educators, artists and researchers are accompanying unprecedented social 
transformations. How can artistic practices explore the depths of intimate experience without yielding 
to the sterility of objectivism? How can such practices be used to build universal symbolic values at 
the same time respecting cultural differences?
The next twenty years are going to be the scene of major social and societal transformations: global 
geographic and symbolic redistribution redraws the world map and gives rise to unexplored territories. 
As part of Theme 2, Playback Theatre was represented and included in a special session on the last day of main 
conference, to a small but very international and interested audience. As first speaker, my presentation entitled 
Enacting Life
was an overview on Playback Theatre, establishing backgrounds with Psychodrama and Theatre of 
the Oppressed and opening to new fields: Playback Theatre, Life Stories and Biography Research. Then 4 Col-
leagues from Hong Kong presented Playback Theatre applied with Drama in their different specific fields: Dora 
Wong and May Yu from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Matchy Choi and Melanie Chung from Merits Minds. 
Their presentation focused on many themes such as Community projects, mentorship program, intergenerational 
and multicultural settings, corporate training, client centered approach, enacting for identity, healing aspects, Play-
back Theatre and Drama as potentialities for Change in Hong Kong Society (See IDEA homepage). 

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