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Interplay XIX-2014
Elisabeth Couture—
Member of Montreal-based Promito Playback, Elisabeth Couture is a graduate of the Center for Playback 
Theatre. She teaches in the Theatre and Development program at Concordia University. She is an ongoing learner in Playback 
Theatre at the Center and in psychodrama at the Centre International de Psychothérapie Expressive with René Marineau. 
Gail Marlene Schwartz
—has been performing Playback for five years, with Montreal Playback and more recently with Promito 
Playback. She splits her time between writing (journalism, creative nonfiction and playwriting) and performing. She lives in 
Montreal with her wife, Lucie, and their three year old son, Alexi. 
Christopher von Baeyer
Artistic Director of Toronto Playback Theatre and former president of the board of the Centre for 
Playback Theatre. He is currently living in Berlin, Germany with his wife and teenage son where he is exploring his heritage 
and really trying to learn the language. 
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