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Interplay XIX-2014
Mirroring in Supervision
“Ramblings” within the role of the conductor is often assisted by the supervisee re lecting on their own performance, as if in a mir-
ror. Mirroring the conductor’s role is useful to make them aware where they might have been stuck or insecure in the role. Often, the
one requesting supervision has an “aha” experience, and suddenly understands the reason of getting stuck in the actual situation. Let
me illustrate this approach by the following supervision case.
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During the supervision time during the Conductors’ Workshop a group member tells about a case when their playback theatre per-
formed at an old folks’ home with himself as conductor. A mature woman offered to tell her story. She told about her partner who had
left her, then recited a very-very long poem. The conductor had the feeling that he had lost contact with her, became helpless and lost
control over the course of events. I asked the supervisee to take the teller’s seat and select the players. Antal realized his fault only
after watching the scene. By mixing with the audience in order to prompt stories, he forgot about a vital playback theatre ritual. Tell-
ers are supposed to share the story with the audience and the conductor from a dedicated chair on the stage, easily heard by every-
one, so the interview can be shaped and interaction can evolve. Even the audience has an opportunity to change the relationship and
the interview. During supervision Antal understood that while stalking among the audience he became one of them. He created a club
event, as opposed to a theatre performance, in which he had no longer a chance to develop the story, select the players or create a
shared experience within his ‘holding’. After reconstructing the situation verbally in a kind of interview, the mirroring was created on
stage. This supervision case during the Conductor Workshop allowed us to consider the role of essential rituals in the genre of play-

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