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Conductor Workshop—Second stage

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Interplay XIX-2014
Conductor Workshop—Second stage
In the second stage participants of the conductor workshop were offered an opportunity to host the group in their own
environment. According to the plan they had the chance to “introduce” playback in an area of their preference. The rite of
the weekend was as follows:
First day: workshop activities until 16 o’clock.
From 1700 preparations for the playback performance;
1900 the start of the performance;
2100 the play ends.
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One example
Veronika hosted us in her home. She arranged the event on her own. She requested that someone else should be the conductor and
Tibor volunteered for the role. The performance took place on the stage of the culture house of a small village. There were 25 people
in the audience. None of them had been to a playback theatre performance before. This necessitated some socialization i.e. introduc-
tion to the essence of playback theatre. The performance was part of the cultural day of the small community. It followed the opening
of an exhibition and the event continued with a classical music concert. The programs strongly interacted and exciting cooperation
evolved between the three groups. On the second day of the workshop we re lected on the previous night’s playback performance
focusing on socialization, communication with audience and storyteller, elaboration of the story, interpreting it for the actors, the
rhythm of the play etc. Besides team tasks the conductor workshop also ful illed a mission by taking playback theatre to places where
it had never been seen before, thereby allowing the organizer to generate interest towards this genre of theatre. Meanwhile the con-
ductor, freed from organizational tasks, could concentrate on the role and prepare for it during the workshop. It allowed for develop-
ing the conductor’s role in a real yet safe environment.

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