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Interplay XIX-2014
Anastasya Vorobyova

What is it like what we're doing?
You know, it's like building your own house, a house for a large family
I’ll tell you about my modest experience of creation of Playback Theater of Young actors, from the first meeting 
to the first performance. Why have I decided to work with children? What led me to this idea? When my playback company gave its 
very first public performance, there were a lot of children among the audience. Each kid was longing to tell his or her story, to be 
heard. They were putting their hands up and interrupting each other: 
Oh, please, let me tell my story! - Listen to me! I have a story about a magic cave! - I got a story about my cat! 
That evening I was deeply touched and impressed by their stories. It was at that moment that I first had an idea to create a play-
back theatre for children. I was moving toward my goal at a very slow pace. There was so much to do. First, I had to get acquainted 
with children psychodrama and other techniques of children psychology and education science. I have multifaceted background. I 
have degrees in psychology and pedagogics. I also have some experience in various theatrical trends, pantomime, professional 
juggling, street theater, and some knowledge about systems of acting. All of this helped me to find an approach to teaching young 
actors and to identify the areas for development. At that time I was really concerned about the lack of comfortable environments for 
personal development of children in Russian communities. So, I took the challenge to find an appropriate form and to create a play-
back theater for children. I put my heart into this project. I enjoyed the process working together with 12 young actors during 8 
months. This is our story. 
Project values
One autumn evening I sat down at my desk and wrote a list of project values. I focused on creating a comfortable environment with 
enough space for each participant. Freedom of choice and safety of young actors were also among the focal points. I also strived 
for diversity - each participant should be treated as equal, without regard to his or her age and social background. 

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