Géssica Cristina Cortacio Bezerra educaçÃo matemática: concepçÕes e prática docente no terceiro ano do ensino fundamental

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Palavras-Chave: Prática docente; Educação Matemática; Anos Iniciais.

This work is the result of a field research conducted in classes of the third year of Elementary School at Colegio Pedro II – São Cristóvão I Unit and I aims to reflect on the practice of teachers in mathematics classes. From the observations I made in the school, I chose to highlight four cases to be analyzed individually. Thus, it was possible to identify different forms of exercise teaching practice. Among the cases analyzed, one caught my attention because it has the same characteristics of traditional teaching to which I referred in my student times, while others demonstrated commitment to a different ways of teaching looking for a way to build knowledge and overall development of a autonomous human being. Thus, I conclude that even in the case of a college known for being traditional, innovative practices and criticism are constant and manufacturing.
Keywords: Teacher Practice; Mathematic Education; First Years.


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