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Isabel Cristina Peixoto Moreira

2.º Ciclo de Estudos Anglo-Americanos

Variante Tradução Literária Inglês-Português

F. Scott Fitzgerald: Tradução de Três Contos e Breve Comentário


Sob a orientação de: Professora Doutora Maria de Fátima de Sousa Basto Vieira

Classificação: Ciclo de estudos:


Versão definitiva
Poetic morality, the sacrifice of one’s inclinations, is required to undertake a real translation. One translates out of true love for the beautiful and for the literature of the nation. To translate is to produce literature, just as the writing of one’s own work is – and it is more difficult, more rare. In the end all translation is literature.
What little I’ve accomplished has been by the most laborious

and uphill work, and I wish now I’d never relaxed or looked back but

said at the end of The Great Gatsby: “I’ve found my line – from now on

this comes first. This is my immediate duty– without this I am nothing”.
F. Scott Fitzgerald

Your books were in your desk

I guess and some unfinished

Chaos in your head

Was dumped to nothing by the great janitress

Of destinies.
(Poema inacabado de Fitzgerald)

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