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 End User Licence Agreement for Demo (EULA)
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Thank you for choosing a Emtype Foundry’s fonts. By purchasing or using “The Fonts” you (“The User”) 
accept all of the terms and conditions of this agreement. Emtype Foundry hereby grants a non-exclusive, 
non-transferable license to use The Fonts conditional on the terms that follow:
1. Use restrictions 
Demo fonts can be used only for testing purposes. This licence does not cover any other use,
commercial or not.
2. Limited guarantee 
Demo fonts have a reduced character set, a limited guarantee and support. There can not be made a 
claim for damages, e.g. loss of production, operation or production downtimes, increased consumption of 
material and other damage caused directly or indirectly in connection with using The Fonts.
3. Generally 
Emtype Foundry reserves all rights to itself, which are not expressly granted by the present Treaty. If parts 
of this agreement should be ineffective, does that not affect the effectiveness of the remaining parts of 
this agreement. The present Treaty is subject to Spanish law.
Emtype Foundry 
Contact us at info@emtype.net

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