Da teoria geral aos novos direitos

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In this article connections between symbolic violence, subject and transfeminism as emancipatory praxis are addressed. The question that guides this investigation is if the passage from individual to subject can inhibit symbolic violence against the trans segment? Thus, at first, considerations will be made about symbolic violence as a form of oppression of trans identities. In a second moment, the search for citizenship will be approached as an affirmation of the right to difference. Next, the definition of being a woman and the constitution of transidentities as subjects will be discussed, based on Alain Touraine. Finally, the trans subject in the transfeminist movement and its importance for the guarantee of trans rights are discussed. At the methodological level, a historical- sociological approach is taken to understand the sociological aspects surrounding the process of becoming subject and citizen, besides allowing a look at the symbolic violence suffered by this group. The complex understanding proves to be pertinent in order to enable a systemic look at the Trans experiences, taking them out of (in) social visibility. Keywords: Trans. Symbolic violence. Individual. Subject in Alan Touraine.

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