Da teoria geral aos novos direitos

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This article seeks to explore the civil enforcement procedure in the course of the pandemic caused by Covid-19, considering the impasse in making civil enforcement conditions more flexible in view of the possibility of applying the Imprediction Theory. Based on this, a research aims to understand the pandemic as an unpredictable fact, so that such a theory is equivalent to a legal instrument to adjust, for now, the constriction measures. In addition, the doctrinal and jurisprudential positioning will be elucidated regarding the execution phase in the context of Covid-19, serving as support for a new legal concept based on bivalence: human dignity / patrimonial responsibility. Once this is done, the work is completed by addressing the analysis and discussion of the results, followed by the final considerations, using the bibliographic research methodology of a qualitative and exploratory nature.

Keywords: Civil execution. Unpredictability. Covid-19 Pandemic. Theory of Unpredictability

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