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The theme of this study is what future effects will be caused by COVID-19 in Brazil in the social security scope, and the objective is to verify the impacts on retirement due to permanent disability of the insured in the General Social Security System. In this current society we see the growing number of people infected by COVID-19, and the major problem that we may face in the legal world in the future is in relation to the serious consequences left by COVID-19 that can leave people incapable of carrying out their work. So there is a question to be solved for the already insured, but also for the new insured, who face another problem arising from the social security law, which we will see

1 Especialista em Direito Processual Civil com ênfase nas relações privadas pela Universidade Federal Fluminense e especialista em Direito Administrativo pela Universidade Cândido Mendes. Advogada atuante em Niterói. OABRJ 214.330. Advogada.anaboechat@hotmail.com.

2 Especialista em Processo Civil e Civil Pela Universidade Cândido Mendes e especialista em Processo do Trabalho e Previdenciário pela Universidade Cândido Mendes. Advogada, OABRJ 214.961. Sarahabreu.adv@gmail.com.

in this paper. Concluding at the end of the work that there is a solution that is to come of public policy and could bring improvements to the health of the debilitated by COVID- 19.

Keywords: Permanent Retirement; COVID-19; By disability retirement.

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