Da teoria geral aos novos direitos

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In the article are studied the concept of fundamental norm, and the theoretical defenses on Constitutional Law, related to the institut of constitutionality control, carried out by Hans Kelsen. A deepening of the “epistemological assumptions” that guided the author’s writings is not established, nor is and “exhaustive” approach to his defenses organized. There is the design, succint and humble, to “clarify”, with limited comments, based on literal excerpts from his works, what the autor wrote about these two theoretical elements,

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with two “independet” sections. This is done because, in many cases, there are mistakes or misunderstandings about his ideas, in articles and classes on theory of law or constitutional law. It is concluded that, the fundamental norm is, only, a specific theoretical-metaphysical device, linked to the writings on the “Science of Law” and its “observations”. Subsequently, it is noted that Kelsen never defended only a “formal” approach to “Constitutional Law”, and a unique procedural constitutionality control.

Keywords: Hans Kelsen.; Fundamental Norm.; Constitutionality Control.

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