Da teoria geral aos novos direitos

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This paper seeks to highlight the general aspects of the Constitutionalization of Civil Law, especially the influence of constitutional law on civil obligations, addressing the following problem: What are the main changes brought about in the obligations relationships by the Constitutionalization of Civil Law? Based on this question, it is exposed that this research aims at understanding the supremacy of the Brazilian Federal Constitution, pondering the new view of obligations under the reflection of the Constitutionalization of the Civil Law, exploring also the new obligatory elements arising

1 Acadêmica de Direito da Cristo Faculdade do Piauí – CHRISFAPI. E-mail: adeliaana840@gmail.com 2Docente do Curso de Direito da Cristo Faculdade do Piauí – CHRISFAPI. E-mail: rezenderenata@hotmail.com

from this phenomenon, which are based on the fundamental rights and on the valorization and respect to the dignity of the human being, and, finally, making an analysis of the hermeneutic and jurisprudential understanding about this current context. And, to reach the solution of the problem and the objectives, it was used as methodology the bibliographical research of qualitative approach and exploratory nature, from the analysis of books, articles, legal research, websites and current legislation on the subject.

Keywords: Federal Constitution. Civil Law. Law of Obligations. New elements of obligations.

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