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Read the text below to answer the questions 4 and 5

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Read the text below to answer the questions 4 and 5.
3 Proven Ways For More Positivity In Your Life

Positivity can send a strong message of who you are, and can serve as powerful armour in times of adversity. Positive thoughts build skills, improve self-confidence, boost health, improve performance and lay a happy foundation for life.

It’s during these negative or conflicted times that staying positive becomes challenging. Here are easy steps for creating more positivity in your life:
1. Believe positivity is a choice

See being positive as a preconceived strategy. Choose to stay positive all the time and take on the responsible approach to maintain it throughout your life.

Evaluate your current situation, choose a positive viewpoint about it, create a positive vision about the future from this new standpoint, and think of all the possibilities to get there.
2. Get all negativity under control

Learn to control your immediate reaction and responses to negative situations or thoughts, by instantly creating a space between this negativity and yourself.

Only respond after thinking, planning, assessing and considering the consequences. You need to establish reason, find the logic, and calculate the aftermath before you act.

Avoid over analyzing or over thinking the situation. Old wounds are normally the cause of thinking about it too much and can distort the trueness of this current event.

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