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Questão 11

Nível de dificuldade: Média – Habilidade do ENEM: H5; H7

How could questions prepared by City & Guilds help young people think about their future careers?

The questions would help young people to think more appropriately about choosing a

particular career. In addition, young people could begin to analyze whether the salary they

would receive would be favorable with their expectations or not and what are the possible


Questão 12

Nível de dificuldade: Fácil – Habilidade do ENEM: H5; H6

What was the result of the survey conducted with more than 3000 young people from 14 to 19 years?

The survey found young people were largely misinformed about how to secure their dream job

with little understanding of the best routes to get there. Teenagers also had a low awareness

of the range of jobs available when it came to choosing their dream career — two thirds of all

the available jobs were entirely overlooked by respondents. Therefore, the areas most

requested by young people were scientific and technological, educational and communication.

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