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Before You Begin 
•  In some circumstances, more than eight arrays are possible. They might appear to 
function properly, but are not supported by AMD-RAIDXpert2. 
•  For redundant arrays, the Create process starts after the operating system and AMD-
RAID OS drivers have been installed and the system has booted to the operating 
system. However, the arrays are immediately available to use for either a bootable 
array or a data array. 
•  Array numbers are valid only for a given boot, and might be different in the 
RAIDXpert2 Configuration Utility (HII) and RAIDXpert2 Web GUI. If a permanent 
label is required, use the RAIDXpert2 Web GUI Array Naming feature. 
•  At any point in the procedure, return to a prior window by pressing ESC
•  If the system is booted from an AMD-RAID bootable array, the first array in the 
Arrays section must be the bootable array. The system boots only from the first array 
in the Arrays section.  

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