Amd-raidxpert2 User Guide

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Down or down arrow key to decrease the size.  
•  Press Enter when the desired size is reached.  
b.  To create an array whose size is greater than 2.199 TB:  
•  Press the Page Up or the up arrow key to increase the array size.  
•  Press Enter when the desired size of 2.199 TB is reached.  
Note: A message displays stating that a size greater than the maximum is being 
attempted, and whether the size of the array should be limited.  
•  Press ESC to bypass the Page Up or the up arrow key to continue modifying the size.  
•  Press Enter when either the desired size or the maximum available size is reached.  
8.  Select a caching level using the arrow keys then press Enter.  
9.  Press the key to confirm the array settings or press ESC to go back to a previous page.  
10. Repeat step 8 through step 11 to create additional arrays.  
Note: When installing the operating system to an AMD-RAID bootable array, modify the boot 
priority list in the motherboard BIOS. See the motherboard’s user documentation for 
more information. Ensure that the AMD-RAID bootable array is included in the boot 
priority list.  
11. Ensure that INT13 support is enabled on the RAID controller, as described in Section 5.5.10, 
Change the Controller Options, on page 50.  

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