Amd-raidxpert2 User Guide

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53987  Rev. 3.10  June 2019 
  AMD-RAIDXpert2 User Guide 
 Chapter 3 
Understanding Arrays, Disks and RAID Levels 
dedicated spare is assigned and a disk fails, the restore process starts automatically, 
if there is enough space available on the dedicated spare. 
For additional information, see Section 9.6.13, Add or Remove Dedicated Spares, on page 112.  
Global Sparing 
A global spare is a disk that is assigned as an alternate disk for multiple arrays, instead of 
associating it with only one array.  
Many arrays can be restored using the global spare disk, as long as it is not already part of the 
array and it has enough space available. Unlike a dedicated spare, this type of spare can be 
assigned at any time, even while tasks are running on arrays. 
Assigning a disk for use as a global spare does not reserve space on that disk. An automatic restore 
is not guaranteed if a disk fails.  
If there is not enough disk space on the global spare, make room for the fail-over to complete, or 
assign a different disk with enough capacity as the spare. If there is enough space available on the 
global spare and a disk failure occurs, the restore process starts automatically. 
For additional information, see Section 9.6.14, Add or Remove Global Spares, on page 113.  

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