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  Rescanning Disks for Changes in State

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Rescanning Disks for Changes in State 
The information displayed in the Disk List section is the state of the disks when they were last 
scanned. If a rescan has not been performed, the information being displayed is the state of the 
disks at boot time. 
Every time a disk is connected or disconnected while online, a message asks if the user wants to 
perform a rescan (of all SATA channels). If Rescan is selected, the information in both the Array 
List and the Disk List is updated. This view might show arrays as being in a Critical or Offline 
state, if all disks have not been installed or removed. 
Although it is highly recommended that the system be shut down before adding or removing disks, 
disks can be added or removed while the system is online (“hot-swapping”), if the system supports 
the hot-swapping function. This is not recommended for disks that are part of the Boot Virtual 
Disk or those that are connected to the AMD RAID supported chipsets. 


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