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Table 12. Disk States 
Disk State 
When Displayed 
Whenever the disk is connected, functioning correctly, and RAIDXpert2 can 
communicate with it. 

53987  Rev. 3.10  June 2019 
  AMD-RAIDXpert2 User Guide 
 Chapter 3 
Understanding Arrays, Disks and RAID Levels 
Table 12. Disk States (Continued) 
Disk State 
When Displayed 
Whenever an uninitialized, new disk is connected. 
Whenever a disk containing non-RAIDXpert2 configuration data is connected. 
Whenever the disk fails and RAIDXpert2 detects an error condition on the disk. 
SMART Error 
Whenever the disk reports a SMART error(s) to RAIDXpert2. 
A disk can be a member of multiple arrays. A disk failure in one array doesn't necessarily mean it 
has failed in other arrays.  
After a rescan is performed the following can occur: 
•  A disconnected disk no longer appears in the Disk List (although the disk appears as 
Missing in the Array View for the arrays to which it belonged).  
•  A disk that experiences a catastrophic failure appears in the Disk List as Offline and 
is highlighted in red. The disk appears as Failed for the arrays to which it belonged. 
•  A disk that has a SMART error appears in the Disk List as SMART Error. (A disk 
with a SMART error can’t be used to create an array) 
•  A disk that experiences a software-related failure appears in the Disk List as Online 
and is highlighted in red. New arrays can be created with the disk.  
Arrays that exist on a failed or disconnected disk might not be designated as Failed or Missing 
until the system attempts to communicate with the failed or disconnected disk.  

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