Amd-raidxpert2 User Guide

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53987  Rev. 3.10  June 2019 
  AMD-RAIDXpert2 User Guide 
 Chapter 3 
Understanding Arrays, Disks and RAID Levels 
Prior to starting a RAID level migration/transformation, make sure that the disks selected for the 
destination array have sufficient capacity. RAID level migration/transformation can occur only 
when the destination array has the same or larger capacity as the source array. 
While the migration/transformation is taking place, data is accessible and protected to the lowest 
protection of either the source RAID level or the destination RAID level. 
The Transform task can also be used to expand the capacity of an array, by using OCE. It can also 
be used as part of the system backup and recovery strategy through the use of the RAID1 and 
RAID10 levels. 
To perform this process, see Section 9.6.3, Transform Arrays on page 104. 

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