Amd-raidxpert2 User Guide

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53987  Rev. 3.10  June 2019 
  AMD-RAIDXpert2 User Guide 
 Chapter 2 
Getting Started 
Table 5. Features of RAIDXpert2 (Continued) 
RAIDXpert2 Feature 
Native Command Queuing 
Native Command Queuing is a command protocol of disks that are 
supported by RAIDXpert2. NCQ enables individual disks to internally 
optimize the order in which Read and Write commands are executed. 
RAIDXpert2 permits a queue depth of up to 32 read/write commands per 
Online Capacity Expansion 
OCE is a process that allows the user to add storage capacity to an 
existing array, without taking the system offline. OCE enables the user to 
increase the total storage capacity of an array by integrating unused 
storage into the array. 
Data can be accessed while the disks are added and while data on the 
array is being redistributed.  
Online RAID Level Migration 
With online RAID level migration, users can easily move an array from 
one RAID level to another. While the migration is taking place, data is 
accessible and protected to the lowest protection of either the source 
RAID level or the destination RAID level. 
RAID Level Support 
RAIDXpert2 supports RAID levels 0, 1, 10, Volume, and RAIDABLE. 
Self-Monitoring Analysis and 
Reporting Technology 
SMART is a hard-disk-drive (HDD) capability which allows reporting of 
reliability information. If a drive anticipates there is a high likelihood of 
future failure it triggers a SMART error condition. RAIDXpert2 presents 
this error condition so the drive can be replaced before the predicted 
failure occurs. 

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