Amd-raidxpert2 User Guide

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CAUTION: Prior to removing an array, remove its drive letter (Windows) or unmount the array 
CAUTION: All data contained in a AMD-RAID array are lost if the RAIDXpert2 disks of the 
array are migrated to a non-AMD-RAID system. 
CAUTION: When an array is securely erased, the data on the array is lost. The array remains 
hidden after the secure erase completes. User must Un-hide the array for data 
CAUTION: In some circumstances, more than eight arrays are possible. They might appear to 
function properly, but are not supported. 
CAUTION: If the user creates an Array with Skip Initialization, the array will not be redundant.  
CAUTION: Controller support for Socket SP3 compatible processors are as follows: 
7 NVMe + 4-SoC when x570/590 is set to RAID in the BIOS 
8-NVMe + 2-SoC + 1-PT when set to RAID in the BIOS 
10-NVMe when SoC and PT are Disabled in the BIOS 
10-NVMe + 1-PT when SoC is Disabled in the BIOS 
9-NVMe + 2-SoC when PT is Disabled in the BIOS 
CAUTION: Hot-Swapping is not recommended for disks that are part of AMD-RAID array. 
CAUTION: Socket SP3 compatible processors support a maximum of 14 SATA ports on the 
system depending on customer platform design (8 from PT SATA controller, 6 from 
AMD SATA controller including devices connected to M.2 port). 


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