Amd-raidxpert2 User Guide

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53987  Rev. 3.10  June 2019 
  AMD-RAIDXpert2 User Guide 
 Chapter 1 
Safety Precautions 
Caution Messages about Arrays 
CAUTION: Deleting an array permanently destroys all data that is on the array. This action 
cannot be undone and it is very unlikely the data can be recovered. 
CAUTION: Do not delete the first array listed in the Arrays section, if it is the AMD-RAID 
bootable array. Doing this deletes the operating system and AMD-RAID files. 
CAUTION: Do not initialize a disk that is part of an array. Initializing a disk in a non-redundant 
array deletes the array and its data. The array no longer appears in Array View. This 
is especially true for a non-redundant bootable array. Initializing a disk in a non-
redundant bootable array causes the array to Fail and deletes the operating system
AMD-RAID files, and device drivers. 
CAUTION: Leaving Write Back Cache enabled can increase the likelihood of data being 
corrupted if the system experiences a power interruption or unexpected shutdown. 

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