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Proprietary Rights 
The Software is primarily the intellectual property of Seagate Technology PLC. (“Seagate”) and 
its licensors (“Licensors”). In no event shall You obtain title to the Software or any component 
thereof. As between Seagate and You, Seagate has all rights, title, interest, ownership and 
proprietary rights in and to the Software. Seagate's rights include, but are not limited to, all copies 
of the Software and any patent rights, copyrights, trademark rights, trade secret rights, and any 
other intellectual property right recognized in any country or jurisdiction in the world. 
The Software is protected by both United States law and international treaty provisions. 
All rights not expressly granted in this Agreement are reserved by Seagate and Licensors, 
Certain modifications to the Software are the intellectual property of Advanced Micro Devices
Inc.  As between AMD and You, AMD has all rights, title, interest, ownership and proprietary 
rights in and to those modifications including but not limited to any patent rights, copyrights, 
trademark rights, trade secret rights, and any other intellectual property right recognized in any 
country or jurisdiction in the world. 

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