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  Limited License to Authorized Distributors

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Limited License to Authorized Distributors 
If you are an OEM, distributor, reseller, integrator or other entity in the business of providing 
technology products and/or services, and if you have been expressly authorized to distribute copies 
of the Software to End User(s), you are an "Authorized Distributor." Subject to the terms and 
conditions of this Agreement, you are granted a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sub 
licensable license to distribute and/or install the Software in its unaltered, object code form solely 
(i) to, and on behalf of, a purchasing End User for the End User’s internal business purposes; and 
(ii) only for use with one (1) AMD product, purchased through authorized AMD sales channels. 
Except as specifically stated in this Section 1, Authorized Distributors are expressly prohibited 
from: copying and/or distributing the Software in whole or in part; using the Software to provide 
consulting or other services to third parties; and distributing the Software in any form or format. 
Authorized Distributors are subject to all other terms and conditions of this Agreement. 
Authorized Distributors must ensure that its End Users see and agree to this Agreement. 

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