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53987  Rev. 3.10  June 2019 
  AMD-RAIDXpert2 User Guide 
 Chapter 10 
rcadm Command Line Interface Tool 
--raid1, -r1 Mirror of two disks 
--raid10, -r10 Stripe set of mirror sets 
-sp, --spare-disk 
Specifies the dedicated spare disk or disks to assign, with a maximum of four. No space is 
reserved on the selected disks. 
-s, --size 
Specifies the size of the array in MBs. If you do not use this option, the largest possible size is 
used by default. 
-ns, --no-sync 
Disables background synchronization of redundant types when creating the array. 
-ca, --cache 
Specifies a cache setting for the array(s): read cache , read and write-back cache , write-
back cache , or no cache . The default is read and write-back cache 
-cts,  --cachetagsize 
Specifies the Cache Tag Size. This is the amount of data per disk in a stripe. Supported sizes are 
64, 128, or 256; sizes in kB. 
Please refer to Table 17, Default Cache Tag Size, on page 55. 
-ms, --max-size 
Prints the maximum possible size for an array without actually creating an array. 
-n, --name 
Identifies an array with a user-supplied name. The name can be up to 30 characters, but only 17 of 
those characters display in the BIOS. 
-p, --priority 
Sets the background initialization task priority from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest priority. For 
redundant array types only. 
-led, --leave-existing-data 
Leaves the existing data on the disks untouched after the array is created. This option can be used 
to try to recover user data when an array has been accidentally deleted or the configuration 
information is lost but the data is still intact. Unless you immediately recreate the array after 
deleting it and no other tasks have been performed, the likelihood of recovering data with this 
method is very low. 
-d, --disk 
A required qualifier used with the --create option to specify the disk or disks to be included in the 


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