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  Interrupt, Cancel, or Resume a Task

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Interrupt, Cancel, or Resume a Task 
In the Array View section, select the array on which a task is being performed. 
At the Array menu, select Task then click: 
•  Pause to interrupt the task. 
•  Remove to cancel the task. 
•  Resume to interrupt the task. 
Check for Consistency 
For redundant-type arrays only, the Consistency Check task is available at the Array menu. When 
this task is selected it starts the process of verifying that the mirror drive consistency for fault-
tolerant disks is correct. If inconsistent areas are found, they are corrected during this process. 
Having consistent arrays is very important. If an array is inconsistent and a drive fails, data is lost. 
RAIDXpert2 is designed to maintain consistent arrays, but it is good practice to run frequent 
consistency checks. See Section 9.6.11, Schedule a Consistency Check, on page 111. 
When a redundant array is created using the Create command, and the Skip Initialize option is not 
checked (the default setting), a Consistency Check is performed automatically. Although a 
Consistency Check that runs during a Create task can be removed (by highlighting the array and 
selecting Task > Remove), the array that is created is not redundant. Unless a Consistency Check 
runs from end-to-end, an array is not protected.  
After a Consistency Check has been started, adjust the priority of the Consistency Check task 
relative to user I/O activity. Use the Task Priority option (see Section 9.6.8, Change the Priority 
Level of a Task, on page 109).  
A Consistency Check task can be scheduled with the Schedule Consistency Check task (see 
Section 9.6.11, Schedule a Consistency Check, on page 111). 

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