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  Restore (Rebuild) Arrays

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PartitionMagic from PowerQuest Corporation. 
Restore (Rebuild) Arrays 
With the Restore task, a redundant-type array whose state has changed to Critical can be restored 
(rebuilt) in one of two ways: 
•  By assigning a dedicated spare to the array.  
•  By creating a global spare or by using an existing global spare. (An existing global 
spare automatically starts restoring a redundant-type array after the array’s state 
changes to Critical.) 
An array in an Offline state cannot be restored. This means that non-redundant arrays (Volume, 
RAID0) cannot be restored: when a single disk in a non-redundant array fails, the array state 
changes to Offline.  
Note: If a Critical redundant array that is being restored loses a second disk (RAID1), or loses a 
second disk in the same mirror set (RAID10), the Restore task fails. The array must be re-
created from backup storage data. 

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