A ideia de colonização africana versus projeto de colonização europeia na imprensa da corte: 1854-1860

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Palavras-chave: colonização africana; colonização europeia; imprensa

Abstract: During the years 1854 and 1860 began the debate in the capital of the court on the best and most effective way to make the transition from slave labor to free. The government after the abolition of the slave trade in 1850 put into practice its project of European colonization, as foreseen in the Land Law of the same year. Understanding that the Europeans would not be able to supply the demand that the crop needed, an idea of ​​African colonization was ventilated. Two newspapers stood out in her defense, A Patria and O Paiz. The press was the place of discussion and the attempt was to turn the idea into a project.

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