1. What is the purpose of the text? b a. Tell the readers how a young girl learned sign language

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1. What is the purpose of the text? b

a. Tell the readers how a young girl learned sign language.

b. Tell the readers about the inspiring story of a young girl.

c. Tell the readers about the bus accident involving a young girl.
2. How did Yesenia help the injured woman?
3. What do the words in bold mean? Make inferences and match the columns

below. a. IV; b. III; c. I; d. II

a. “a small crowd of onlookers”

(1st paragraph)

b. “an injured woman”

(2nd paragraph)

c. “a former sign language

interpreter” (3rd paragraph)

d. “the emergency personnel”

(5th paragraph)

I. having previously filled a particular

role or been a particular thing

II. the people who work for an


III. physically hurt

IV. people who watch something that

is happening but is not involved in it
4. In each noun phrase below, identify the main word as in the example that

follows. b. accident; c. afternoon; d. crowd; e. woman; f. interpreter; g. personnel; h. seriousness; i. certificate


a. a sign language interpreter

Answer: interpreter

b. a three-car accident

c. a cold afternoon

d. a small crowd of onlookers

e. an injured woman

f. a former sign language interpreter

g. the emergency personnel

h. the seriousness of the situation

i. a certificate of appreciation
5. Rewrite the sentences below. Use indirect speech.

a. “I heard him ask for an interpreter,” Yesenia says.

Yesenia said ✪

b. “She looked really hurt,” says Yesenia.

Yesenia said ✪

c. “It’s in her nature to help,” says Susan.

Susan said ✪

d. “My mom always says that you never know when sign language might

come in handy,” says Yesenia.

Yesenia said ✪
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