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Palavras-chave: alcoolismo, Alcoólicos Anônimos, identidade social.


In search of a new identity: the group of alcoholics anonymous

This paper describes an investigation with Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) members, conducted

with the objective of verifying transformations in their daily life and their conceptions on

alcoholism related themes. Nineteen men were interviewed, utilizing a questionnaire that, in

different ways, asked them to compare their previous condition of active alcoholic to the current

condition of abstinence. The subjects also answered an instrument adapted from the semantic

differencial technique. The results revealed extensive alterations both in the conceptions about

alcoholism and themes related to it, and in the personal actions of AA members in various levels

of their lives (family, group of friends, work, neighborhood). These results indicate the construc-

tion of a new social identity of a positive character. The acceptance of the AA principles, as well

as the adherence to the group proposals in conducting their lives, also becomes evident. Additio-

nally, the results are used in the discussion of some influence mechanisms of the AA groups.

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